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Toto Mansion


-ToROC series-

A fully furnished apartment awaits you in lively Sugamo area, close to several shopping streets and delicious dining options. Sugamo is know as the "Harajuku for elderly", since the older generation of Tokyo loves to go shopping here!
The view from this 12th floor apartment will impress you! Shopping malls are just around the corner! There are plenty of hot springs nearby! This is the real Tokyo, the old Edo spirit can be found here.
Enjoy Tokyo's downtown - Shitamachi!

"The original reason for Sugamo's popularity is found at Koganji Temple halfway down the shopping street.
The small temple is home to the highly popular Togenuki Jizo statue which depicts the popular Jizo Bodhisattva and is thought to help heal ailments. People line up in a queue to wash the statue with small hand towels which they then press to their ailing body part in hope of relief.
Sugamo becomes particularly lively on the 4th, 14th and 24th of every month when the temple holds a small festival.
Sugamo is also known for its traditional sweets, especially Shio-Daifuku, pounded rice cakes that contain sweet bean paste and salt to moderate the sweetness."

Three months or less: 142,000 Yen
More than three months: 139,000 Yen

Cleaning fee:
Three months or less: 30,000 yen.
Three to six months: 60,000 yen.
More than six months: 70,000 yen.

Documentation fee: 5000 Yen
Key exchange fee: 5000 Yen

Monthly maintenance fee (included in the rent): 15,000 Yen

Location Details

Sugamo in Toshima, North tokyo

Nearest Stations

  • Sugamo Station on the Toei Mita Line 4 Minutes Walking Distance
  • Sugamo Station on the JR Yamanote Line 6 Minutes Walking Distance

Features Details

Apartment Features

  • clock
  • water cooker
  • tableware
  • basic instant food/ingredients
  • peeler
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • mirror
  • body scale
  • extension cord
  • hanger
  • clothes rack
  • laundry basket
  • bath
  • shower
  • kitchen with IH stove
  • single bed in 301
  • double bed in 202
  • counter table
  • chair
  • closet
  • shoe closet
  • microwave
  • fridge
  • cooking utensils
  • washing machine
  • vacuum cleaner
  • hair dryer
Room Size Rent Deposit Type Utilities Status
Room 1202 18.0 Mats ¥157,000 ¥157,000 Private ¥15,000 Available Now!

Property Id: 1028

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