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Take a look our properties if you are looking for female only property or the place around Waseda! ;D

Welcome to Share House Casa Brillante

Share house Casa Brirante -Female only-

Guest House

#Female only #Takadanobaba station 3 mins walking #Yamanote Line and SeibuShinjuku line #Tozai line 1 min walking #Clean #Big Room #Free detergent for laundry and kitchen #Free toilet paper for rest room #Free handmade supper once a month #Free Snacks #Convenient #Waseda University #Private #Quiet environment #Student

The landlord is a super energetic woman. And she makes you like staying at home in Tokyo. At least 3 times a week, she cleans up a common space so far. She is just like Italian mamma. "Staying clean is always making healthy mind and feeling good!!" That's her tao!! So come on in!!

"Share House Casa Brillante" is located in Takadanobaba

★JR: Yamanote Line, Takadanobaba Station
(EXIT: Waseda guchi, 3 mins walking)
★Tokyo Metro: Tozai Line, Takadanobaba Station
(EXIT: 6, 1 min walking and EXIT:7, 3 mins walking)
★Seibu Railway: Seibu Shinjuku Line, Takadanobaba Station
(EXIT: Big Box guchi, 3 mins walking)

It's easy to reach your destination.

There are Banks, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Bookstores, Post Offices, Amusement Park, 100yen store, Clothing Stores, Variety Stores, Bars etc., in Takadanobaba. The shops are full of variety around Waseda street.

★Casa Brillante is located near Takadanobaba st. Please click here and find out " KM BLDG (KMビル) " ★



★ No more available room! Please, wait for a while

Otherwise, if you are looking for room in Takadanobaba area, don't miss this opportunity! Takadanobaba never let you down!!

★ We basically look for applicants who can stay at Casa Brillante more than 3 months now. However, if you do not stay at more than 3 months, please ask us, we will try to manage for your staying period.

【Special Offer】

★ If you stay at our share house more than 6 months, 10.000jpy discount in the first month of rent.※It does not apply to any campaign.

★Free detergent for a laundry and kitchen, Toilet paper, Hand soap and etc., in common space. We supply them all the time.

【Initial Cost】

★Case of Room A(2018.Fed.14th)

■1st month / 99.800 jpy※1including a deposit(Only once) & utilities+ Electric bill for own room

■After 2nd month / 69.000jpy※1+ Electric bill for own room including utilities

※1 Depends on a room contract.


★Casa Brillante is only for Female.

★For Japanese:
Identity card with photo such as a passport or a driver's license.

※If you do not have an identity card, please bring a resident card or health insurance card.

※A guarantor is required if you do not have any identity cards.

★For Foreigner:
(Student) Passport、Alien Registration Card and Student ID

(Worker) Passport、Alien Registration Card and Guarantor or certification of Surety Company.

※Guarantor or a certification of Surety Company is only for a long term contractor.

※If you have a Japanese conversational level (greeting, introduce yourself etc.,), it would be desirable.


Non smoking / Pets, Playing musical instruments / candle on the ground and accommodating visitors are not allowed.
Deposit is partially refundable. 10800yen will be charged as a cleaning fee. 20000yen is refundable unless there is no damage in the room.

Location Details

Takadanobaba in Shinjuku, West Tokyo

Nearest Stations

  • Takadanobaba Station on the JR Yamanote Line、Seibu Shinnjuku Line、Tokyo Metro Tozai Line 3 Minutes Walking Distance

Features Details

Room Features

  • ☆Air Conditioner
  • ☆High speed Internet service(FLET'S Hikari)
  • ☆Free Wi-Fi
  • ☆TV wiring
  • ☆Chair
  • ☆Desk
  • ☆Bedclothes
  • ☆Bed including a storage space
  • ☆Storage Box
  • ☆Curtains
  • ☆Coat Hanger
  • ☆Clothes dryer
  • ☆Refrigerator 136ml(Room A B C D)
  • ☆Refrigerator 100ml(Room E F)
  • ☆System rack149cm(Room A B C E F) / 151cm(Room A B C D)
  • ☆Bookshelf180cm(Room D)

Common Features

  • ☆Washing Machine with Dryer(2 units Free)
  • ☆Vacuum Cleaner
  • ☆Kitchen
  • ☆Rice Cooker
  • ☆A hot-water heater
  • ☆Dinnerware
  • ☆Cookware
  • ☆IH Heater
  • ☆Toaster
  • ☆Microwave
  • ☆☆Sink(2 units)
  • ☆Shoe Box
  • ☆TV
  • ☆Sofa
  • ☆Shower Room(2 units
  • Free)
  • ☆Toilet with a bidet function(2 rooms)
Room Size Rent Deposit Type Utilities Status
view images icon Room A 7.0 Mats ¥60,500 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 Occupied
view images icon Room B 7.0 Mats ¥59,000 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 30 September 2018
view images icon Room C 7.0 Mats ¥59,500 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 Occupied
view images icon Room D till 2 ppl 8.0 Mats ¥61,500 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 22 December 2018
view images icon Room E 7.0 Mats ¥60,000 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 29 September 2018
view images icon Room F 6.0 Mats ¥59,000 ¥30,800 Private ¥8,500 15 June 2019

Property Id: 914

Property Images

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