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Arakawa Area Guide


Arakawa, which means ‘raging river’ is located north of Tokyo. Although not the district does not hold many attractions as its neighboring ward, its attractions remains in its nostalgic traditional neighborhoods and parks. Take a ride in one of the oldest streetcar line, the Toden Arakawa Line. While on the line, you can stop at Minowabashi Station and visit old Japanese landscape and town. If you stop by Arakawa-shakomae Station, you can visit and get on the old rail car models that are on display.  There are many parks as well such as Arakawa Nature Park and Shiori Park. Along the Shiori Park is the Sumida River and in the springtime, you can view beautiful cherry blossom trees. Less known shrines and temples include Jokanji Temple and Susano Shrine. If you want to visit a theme park but not go out from central Tokyo, you can visit Arakawa Yuen theme park. The ward is also home to many monjayaki restaurants, even those as old as 60 years old. Souvenir shopping can be done down the shopping street of Joyful Minowa.


Susano Shrine
Susano Shrine

Living in Arakawa

A lot more older generations can be found living in the neighborhood than a younger crowd. However, Arakawa is a good place to live for low cost options. Although it’s not as close to the popular tourist area such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, it has close access to central Tokyo. It’s the perfect ward to live in for a more calm and modest life with little commute to major shopping areas.



The Nippori Station is the main station in Arakawa as it serves five rail lines; include JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin Tohoko Line, JR Joban Line, Toei Nippori Toneri Liner, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, and the Keisei Main Line. If you want to feel the nostalgic of old Japanese transportation, ride the oldest running streetcar Tokyo Sakura Tram.


Points of Interest

  • Arakawa Nature Park

    Joyful Minowa
    Joyful Minowa
  • Arakawa Shizen Park
  • Arakawa Yuen
  • Arakawa-shakomae Station
  • Jokanji Temple
  • Joko-ji Temple
  • Joyful Minowa Shopping Street
  • Minowabashi Station
  • Shioiri Park
  • Susano Shrine
  • Toden Arakawa Line



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