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Meguro Area Guide


Meguro is home to many corporate head offices and foreign embassies and consulates. It’s the perfect ward to live in if you don’t want to live in major city centers but still be in proximity of them. Sport facilities can be found at the Komazawa Park. The park used to be a venue for the 1964 Summer Olympics and so, you can found facilities for any of your favorite sports from soccer to swimming. The Komaba Park is next to the Komaba campus of University of Tokyo. The grounds of the park also contain the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature. You can find many museums in Meguro such as Meguro Museum of Art and Meguro Parasitological Museum. During hanami season, you can walk alongside the Meguro River to see beautiful cherry blossoms. Though not trendy as Harajuku, Jiyugaoka is a cozy neighborhood with an abundance of fashion boutiques and stores. The neighborhood is perfect to adventure in, whether you’re looking to shop or pursue less known places in Tokyo.


Living in Meguro

Meguro was voted as the fourth best place to live in Tokyo according to’s 2017 survey. It is known for its relaxed atmosphere and many unique individually-owned restaurants. Its growing with more residential neighborhoods with luxury condominium buildings and single family houses. Some popular residential neighbourhoods include Aobadai, Kamimeguro, Nakameguro, Jiyugaoka, Senzoku and Ookayama. Since it’s located south of Shibuya ward, you have access to major city centers without compromising living space. Additionally, if you are religious, there are many religious institutions in Meguro to accommodate your lifestyle.



Mainly the Tokyo Corporation railway lines run through the ward. The company has four lines: Toyoku, Oimachi, Meguro, and Den-en-toshi Line. The other line is the Keiō Inokashira Line.


Points of Interest

  • Asakura family House

    Japanese Folk Crafts Museum
    Japanese Folk Crafts Museum
  • Daienji Temple
  • Japanese Folk Crafts Museum     
  • Jiyugaoka
  • Komaba Park
  • Komazawa Park
  • Maeda House
  • Meguro Parasitological Museum
  • Meguro River
  • Meguro Sky Garden
  • Naka-Meguro
  • Ryusenji (Meguro Fudo)
  • Suzume no Oyado Ryokuchi Park
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Japanese Literature (Marquis Maeda Old Western Style House)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
  • Yutenji



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