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Japanese lessons

Useful expressions

Otsukaresama desu

Meaning; to acknowledge someone's efforts. Used very frequently at work.
Example; (Used as a normal greeting or when someboday finishes up for the day. Used at work. )"Otsukaresama desu".

Osewa ni natte orimasu

Meaning; Appreciative phrase used before any favors are received. Very polite.
Example; (Used a an expression of gratitude when about to recieve a favor from another department or company)"Itsumo osewani natteimasu (As always we appreciate your cooperation)".


Meaning; "ASAP (as soon as possible)." 
Example; "Naruhaya de onegaishimasu.(Please have it done as soon as possible!)"


Meaning; "all kinds of", "various." 
Example; (when asking somebody to do numerous requests)"Moromoro onegaishimasu"


Meaning; a spoiled rich kid. Used with a sense of irony rather then in a condescending sense.
Example; A: "That kid is driving a Ferrari!" B: "You know he is a Bon Bon."


Meaning; a combination of the words tsuntsun and deredere. Tsundere is a person who starts off with a tsuntsun (serious, highly ambitious and confident) type personality but ends up with a deredere personality. They are the serious, highly ambitious and confident type but slowly develops or shows signs of deredere (often uncertain, needs a push to get going). They are likely to fall in love and then find themselves unable the deal with their emotions.
Example;  A: "That girl has got her own head." B:"Because she is tsundere!"

Ryoukai desu

Meaning; understood, roger, got it. Military word that recently is used at work alot.
Example; A: "Please take care of the matter." B:"Ryoukai desu!"


Meaning; rough (as in not precise), broad, sketchy.
Example; (During a business scene)"Zakkuri de okay! Just hand it to me sometime before tomorrow."

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu

Meaning; many meanings depending on the situation. When meeting someone for the first time it is similar to "Nice to meet you." At work it means something like "Your effort is appreciated."
Example; (During the idol handshake)"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu (Please keep supporting me)."