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Japan and Tokyo Living Guides

Life in Japan can be very different from many other countries in the world. Sometimes life can be very simple and serene and other times complicated and hectic. To help you make sense of the many different aspects of living in the land of The Rising Sun we are producing a series of articles to aid you with daily life in Japan.

Basic Information about Japan

Language, Population and People
Climate, Seasons and Weather
Currency, Measurements, Time Zone and Voltage System

Immigration and Visa Information for Japan

Different types of Visas available in Japan
Applying for a Visa
Foreign Resident Registration Card
Procedures for Re-Newing and Changing Visa's
Re-entry Procedures
International Marriage in Japan

Housing and Accommodation in Japan

Accommodation System and Fees
Finding Accommodation
Housing Amenities (Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Water, TV, Internet)

Emergency Services

Police Force in Japan
Ambulance Service in Japan
Fire Service
Earthquake Rescue Service

Essential Services

Banks and Financial Institutions
Post Office and International Mail
Healthcare, Hospitals and Health Insurance
Cell Phones, Public Phones and International Calls
Internet Cafes
Shopping and Supermarkets and the Consumer law cooling off period
To get internet connection into your house.

Schools and Education in Japan

Japanese Language Schools
University Guide for Tokyo
General Education

Working in Japan

Finding Jobs
Teaching Languages
Doing business in Japan

Transportation in Japan

Public Transport - Subway, Bus, Trains and Shinkansen
Cars, Motorbikes and Bikes
Taxi Cabs
Air Travel

Japanese Public Holidays and Tokyo Festivals

Listing of all Japanese public holidays
Festivals in Tokyo

Sports and Culture in Japan

Sporting Activities
Museums in Tokyo
Parks and Gardens
Temples and Shrines
Fireworks (Hanabi)
The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Anime and Otaku
Public Baths (Onsen)
Martial Arts: a guide to practice Karate in Japan

Nightlife and Entertainment in Tokyo

Clubs and Bars
Pachinko, Horse Racing and Gambling
Love Hotels
International Party’s and Meeting New People


Japanese lessons

Trip information in Japan

Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama