No deposit, No Key money, include fire insurance fee, Furnished and Wi-Fi is available in the room.

[Room Information]
Room size "17.55" sqm
Room plan "1K"
Built in "1992"
Minimum lease contract from 1 month.
Nearest station is "Haijima" on "Ome" line.
No Pets allowed.
No smoking allowed.
Single person use only.

[Initial fee information]
Agency fee is "33000" JPY
Deposit "0" JPY
Key money "0" JPY
Fire insurance fee "0" JPY
Rental furniture fee/Other "0" JPY

[Monthly payment information]
Rent is "57000" JPY
Utility fee is "15000" JPY
Management fee is "0" JPY

[After move out] Deep Cleaning fee "10000~30000" JPY will be required.

If you complete your booking before the end of August 2019 the utility fee will be wipe out for whole your staying!

[Reservation timing and Contract Period]
We are able to book your room from 1 month before until 2days before you move in. Contract period is from 1 month to 14 months.

[Flow for your reservation complete]
Send us these inforamtion by email.
1) Property Name
2) Move in date
3) Move out date
4) Your full name
5) Your email address
6) Your mobile number which you can receive SMS.
7) Your gender
8) Your ID pictures ( a. Passport, b. Residece card (both sides), c. Driver's license (both sides))
9) Current your address (full)

note) If you are in Japan we need your a. and b. or c. above of ID pictures. If you reserve a room from outside of Japan we need only a. above

We will check if your move in and out date is available and report you.
If the date is okay we move on to pre-hold the room.
We will send you an invoice via "Square" service for your first payment.
You will need complete the payment in next 24 hours. After that hours the pre-hold will be released.
Once you complete the payment you will recieve a contract document via your email. The day before you move in you will get a "move in instruction" message.

note) We are not ablet to show you the room before you move in.

Payment method will be only your own credit card. If you are under 20 years old and using parents card, we shall need agreement message from your parent by their own email address and we shall call them back to confirm it.
Useable credit cards are VISA/MasterCard/JCB/AMEX/Diners
If your move in date is after 11th of the month you will be required to pay 2nd month rent as well at the move in.

[Cancel policy]
Cancellation is available before you complete the reservation. After the reservation has made you are not able to cancel for 1st month contract. From 2nd month you are able to cancel it by informing to the agent 30 days in advance.

[Extension of the lease contract]
There is no extension of the lease contract. So each time you need make another application if you would like to keep living in the same place.

The owner provide a pocket wi-fi router which has 10GB limit for each 3 days.
You are not allowed to bring it out of the room.

[Daily expendables]
The tenant has to prepare daily necessary things for example below for your needs.
Toilet paper, Tissue paper, Shampoo, Body soap, Detergent, etc...

Description & Map

Location Details

  • Haijima Station on the Ome Line 8 Minutes Walking Distance

Apartment Features

  • wi-fi
  • bedding
  • low table
  • microsave
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • electric kettle
  • vacuum cleaner
  • tableware
  • trash can
  • stand mirror
  • mattress
  • sheets
  • pillow
  • pillow case
  • futon
  • duvert cover
  • bath towel
  • face towel
  • bath mat
  • clothespins
  • hangers
  • laundry bag
  • curtain

Room Availability

Room Size Rent Deposit Type Utilities Status
001 17.33 m2 ¥57,000 ¥0 Private ¥15,000 Available Now!