I Love Share House. Even though we are in the same generation, we're born and raised in the different places. We are also different in gender, let along in nationality. It should be no surprise that there arise some discords and conflicts because we have a plenty of values.
But, living in the same house with many people will be more than twice as enjoyable, moving and exciting. We can put heads together to come up with some good ideas, Absolutely. Here, in Nakano-fujimicho, is the right share house perfectly suitable for you.
Nakano-fujimicho? Where is it?
It's located in Marunouchi-line of Tokyo Metro, one of the major subways in Tokyo. It is, however, a small and minor station because it is on the branch line. There is nothing special around the station. Let's look down at and take a bird's eye view of this town. Arising from the main line, the branch line has only 4km and 4 stations. It seems that it is originally used as a house track, where the train cars slept, and now used for public purpose. As for these 4 stations, it takes about only 10 minutes to walk between each station. You can enjoy this branch line area as a town. You can see the very local landscape such as a great number of shrines and temples, which will take you back to the time of nostalgic Showa era. You will unexpectedly meet the energetic shopping street in the middle of residential neighborhood. At the center of these landscape is Wabi Sabi House Nakanofujimicho. You can go anywhere by bike. About 15 minutes ride to Shinjuku, only 25 minutes ride to Shibuya. About 20 minutes ride to Yoyogi-park, Shimokitazawa, and Koenji. Of course, only 10 minutes to Nakano. Astonishingly, it's convenient location Wabi Sabi House Nakanofujimicho is located at the 4-7th floor of an apartment with 7-story, including penthouse. It has 4 floors and named "Haru," "Natsu," "Aki," and "Fuyu," respectively. The rooftop seems to be called "Blue Sky Living Room." As expected of its name "Fujimi-cho (the town with a view of Mt. Fuji)," you can see the superb view of Mt. Fuji from the "Blue Sky Living Room." You can see the Ikebukuro Sunshine City building with 60-story. And, a breath-taking view of cluster of high-rise buildings of Shinjuku will open out before your eyes. Under a starry sky, enjoying the night scene and bottles of wine, you will lose yourself in conversation with your friends. ...Fabulous and stunning. The newly renovated living room apparently initiates the Japanese modern taste. The rush-plant-scented "koagari (the raised tatami-floored seating area)," the lantern made of Japanese paper shade, a low table called "chabu-dai," and the slit-like partition will remind you kyo-machiya, the old-time wooden structure house unique to old Kyoto. Pushing yourself into the cube cushion, you will feel the sensation of weightlessness as you are in the microcosm of mother's body. You'll wanna be here, that's so cool!! Because we have a many inquiries every time, we can handle your inquires on a first-come and first-served basis. So we may have to decline if we are fully booked. Please make a reservation for preview.

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  • NakanoFujimicho Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line 5 Minutes Walking Distance

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Room Availability

Room Size Rent Deposit Type Utilities Status
101 8.91 m2 ¥55,000 ¥30,000 Private ¥12,000 Occupied
Aki-2 9.72 m2 ¥70,000 ¥30,000 Private ¥12,000 Available Now!
Aki3 0 m2 ¥30,000 ¥30,000 Shared(3) ¥12,000 Occupied
Haru-2 7.29 m2 ¥55,000 ¥30,000 Private ¥12,000 Available Now!
Haru-4 7.29 m2 ¥56,000 ¥30,000 Private ¥12,000 Available Now!
Natsu-3 12.96 m2 ¥70,000 ¥30,000 Private ¥12,000 Occupied