Find Guest Houses, Apartments and Shared Apartments in Tokyo ゲストハウス

Find a Room, Guest House, Apartment or Shared Apartment in Tokyo, Japan
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Different Types of Property

Guest Houses

In a Guest house you have your own bedroom and share common facilities such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room, with several other people. There are usally many features like free internet. List Guest Houses.

Image of a typical Japanese Guest House

Shared Apartments

A Shared Apartment is partially shared accommodation. You have a private bedroom, but you will share common areas with usally just 1 or 2 other people. Low deposits mean cheap move in costs. List Shared Apartments.

Image of a typical Japanese Apartment Building


An apartment is a self countained property, you do not need to share any of facilities within the apartment with anyone else, its your own private place in Tokyo! Prices from 56,000 Yen. List Apartments.

Image of a typical Japanese Apartment

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