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Akihabara Area Guide


Akihabara dubbed 'Electric Town' so called due to the vast amount of stores and shops selling electronic goods and computer software. Here you can find anything from the latest digital cameras to obscure manga hentai game software.

Along side the towering electronic and video game stores there are several Maid cafes which have become popular in this area. The maid cafe's or Maid Kissa have waitress's who are dressed up like maids resembling charaters from manga, these places are frequented by the local otaku.

Living in Akihabara

This is a great place for otaku people to live there is access to many Internet Cafes, video games stores and the latest electronics. Being near the center of Tokyo there is access to other major areas. List rooms in and around Akihabara.


Akihabara is located in the Chiyoda ward just 5 minutes on the train from Tokyo Station.

Main points of interest

Yodobashi Camera - Akihabara


Akihabara Station (Hibiya Line, JR Yamanote)
Suehirochou Station (Ginza Line)


Akihabara Town Information

Cosplay clothe shops information:

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Shop name : Cosmate & Map

Shop name : Cospa & Map