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Area Type Rooms Cost
Asakusa Crib
Asakusa Crib Super cheap house for you!
10 minutes to Ueno (JR Yamanote line)
Asaukusa  Icon 11 ¥27,000
Asakusa 2 Crib
Asakusa 2 Crib 8min from TX Asakusa station
8 minutes to Asakusa (Tsukuba express)
Asakusa  Icon 20 ¥30,000
OAK ASAKUSA KURAMAE 3min from Kuramae station-10min from Metro station-12 min from JR line! close to Asakusa!
3 minutes to Kuramae (Toei Ooedo)
Kuramae  Icon 17 ¥32,000
Asakusa 3 Crib
Asakusa 3 Crib 2min from subway Tawaramachi, 1min from TX Asakusa sta.
minutes to ()
Asakusa  Icon 23 ¥35,000
OAK Higashi-Ueno
OAK Higashi-Ueno Located near Ueno and Asakusa and Kappa-bashi-best source for
10 minutes to Inaricyou (Tokyo-Metro Ginza)
Asakusa,Tawaramachi  Icon 15 ¥35,000
OAK Asakusa 5F-6F
OAK Asakusa 5F-6F Asakusa is home to Kaminari Gate-Asakusa Temple-wrestler Anima
8 minutes to Asakusa (Tokyo-metro Ginza)
Asakusa  Icon 19 ¥36,000
OAK Asakusa Street
OAK Asakusa Street Dance and Sing in share house!
6 minutes to Tawaramachi (Tokyo-metro Ginza)
Asakusa,Tawaramachi  Icon 46 ¥41,000
OAK AKIHABARA Female only AKIHABARA share house
8 minutes to Akihabara (JR Yamanote)
Akihabara  Icon 9 ¥42,000

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