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Area Type Rooms Cost
Asa Myogadani(Female Only)
Asa Myogadani(Female Only) Female Guest House opened in December 2015
5 minutes to Myougadani (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi)
Myougadani,Gokokuji  Icon 24 ¥28,000
Maiko House in Otowa Maisonnette.
Maiko House in Otowa Maisonnette. Dormitory and private room in Gokokuji
3 minutes to Gokokuji (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho)
Gokokuji  Icon 6 ¥37,000
Tiger House Bunkyo Komagome
Tiger House Bunkyo Komagome
3 minutes to honkomagome (nanboku)
Honkomagome,Sendagi  Icon 27 ¥39,000
Maiko House in Otowa, Gokokuji
Maiko House in Otowa, Gokokuji 7mins walk to the waseda uni.
2 minutes to Gokokuji (Yurakucho )
音羽  Icon 4 ¥47,000
Akamon house in Otsuka
Akamon house in Otsuka
6 minutes to Shin-Otsuka (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi)
Otsuka  Icon 13 ¥49,000
OAK Bunkyo Myougadani
OAK Bunkyo Myougadani 7min walk from Myogadani station on the Marunouchi subway line
7 minutes to Myougadani (Tokyo-metro Marunouchi)
ShinOtsuka,Myogadani  Icon 8 ¥51,000
OAK Premiere Hongo
OAK Premiere Hongo Long-awaited Premier House open now in central Tokyo!
3 minutes to Hongou Sancyoume (Tokyo-metro Marunouchi)
Hongo,Yushima  Icon 9 ¥52,800
OAK HOUSE MEJIRODAI (Female Only) women only house
5 minutes to Gokokuzi (Tokyo-metro Yuurakucyou)
Gokokuji  Icon 5 ¥54,000

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