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Area Type Rooms Cost
Herb Ekoda (Female Only)
Herb Ekoda (Female Only)
5 minutes to Ekoda (Seibu Ikebukuro)
Ekoda  Icon 7 ¥38,000
OAK Nakamurabashi
OAK Nakamurabashi 13 min from ikebukuro station by train
12 minutes to Huzimidai (Seibu-Ikebukuro Toshima)
Nakamurabashi,Fujimidai,Nerima  Icon 7 ¥41,000
OAK Fujimidai
OAK Fujimidai 4 compact rooms in a nice house easy to live in.
4 minutes to Huzimidai (Seibu-Ikebukuro Toshima)
Fujimidai  Icon 4 ¥41,000
CloveR Nerima (Female Only)
CloveR Nerima (Female Only)
3 minutes to Toshimaen (Toei Ooedo)
Nerima  Icon 11 ¥49,000
OAK Higashi-Fushimi
OAK Higashi-Fushimi Recommended as best place in Shinjuku area!
4 minutes to Higashi Hushimi (Seibu-Tetsudo Shinjyuku)
HigashiFushimi  Icon 6 ¥51,000
OAK Premier Nakamurabashi
OAK Premier Nakamurabashi Top class and fashionable!
2 minutes to Nakamurabashi (Seibu-Ikebukuro Toshima)
Nakamurabashi,Nerima  Icon 16 ¥55,000
Katsura Heights
Katsura Heights New Apartment Katsura Heights near Heiwadai
5 minutes to Heiwadai (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho)
Heiwadai, Nerima  Icon 3 ¥70,000
OAK APARTMENT HEIWADAI New Apartment in Heiwadai
7 minutes to Heiwadai (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line、Fukutoshin)
Heiwadai  Icon 5 ¥76,000