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Area Type Rooms Cost
Kawagoe Masamichi Mansion
Kawagoe Masamichi Mansion Kawagoe Private Apartment
15 minutes to Kawagoe (Tobu Tojo Line)
Kawagoe  Icon 1 ¥50,000
Dai 7 Masamichi Mansion
Dai 7 Masamichi Mansion Kawagoe Private Apartment, move in Campaign!
20 minutes to Kawagoe (Tobu Tojo)
Saitama, Kawagoe  Icon 1 ¥43,000
S-Ⅲ #102
S-Ⅲ #102 Private apartment in Asaka, Shiki, Saitama
12 minutes to Asakadai (Tobu-tojo)
Asaka  Icon 1 ¥60,000