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Roppongi Area Guide


Roppongi, sometimes referred to as the Gaijin Ghetto is probably the most international area in Tokyo. Here you can find the offices of many global corporations trying to compete in the Japanese and Asian market place.

There is a high concentration of international finance and trading companies which bring many foreign business people who work and live in the area. Due to the large cluster of foreigners it's easy to find supermarkets supplying international food products and many bars and clubs catering for their needs.

Living in Roppongi

This is a good place to live for mixing with foreigners and enjoying a vibrant nightlife. List rooms in and around Roppongi.


Roppongi is located in the center of the Minato ward just South East of Shibuya.

Main points of interest

Roppongi Hills


Virgin Toho Cinemas


Roppongi Station (Hibiya Line, Oedo Line)