• Rooms 205, 206, 207
    Special Rent 61,000JPY (Instead of 68000JPY)

  • Rooms 101,102,103,202,203,204
    Rent 57,000JPY (instead of 68,000JPY)

  • You can move-in Today! Couples are welcome! (the utility fee will be 24000JPY for 2 persons occupation)

    Be sure that providing safety to our tenants is our priority in this difficult period. The owner provided free masks and antiseptic solutions.
    The house is also being ventilated as much as possible!

    Thank you for checking our property page! If you are interested in this property, please contact us now. You are welcome to view the place before you reserve a room!

    The atmosphere in the share house is very friendly, our tenants like to hang out together. If you want to make friends, Nakano White House is the perfect place for you!
    Newly built Designer's Shared House.

    Only 6 min from Nakano station

    If you do not know about Nakano, you can check the following guides to find out everything about the neighborhood.

    Nakano Tokyo Guide
    Nakano Broadway
    39 Things to Do in Nakano

    Nakano is home to many university campuses. Enjoy the fun of Tokyo and live in an academic town.

    Traveling from Nakano to Shinjuku only takes 4min by train. 9 min to Waseda station. Both Foreign and Japanese tenants are welcome in our co-ed share house. You can easily make friends in the shared Kitchen, Dining, Living, and Rooftop areas.

    High-Speed Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the house.
    The Sharehouse offers both Private rooms and a Dormitory.

    Monthly rent is 68000 JPY for a private room and 38000 JPY for the dormitory.
    The total initial price is only 28,000JPY. This fee covers the security deposit, deep cleaning fee, and annual fire insurance. You will get 10,000JPY of your deposit back upon move out. If you bring your own futon with you there is no extra charge.

    Private rooms have a semi-double size bed. You can share a private room with your partner (The utility fee will be 24000JPY for 2 person occupation). The dormitory room has single-size bunk beds.
    Each room has A/C, window, desk, chair, and lighting. Security box for dormitory room.

    Common equipment includes Kitchen, Dining, Living, Shower, Toilet, Washing machine (200 JPY per usage) and Drying machine (300 JPY per 30 min).

    Minimum lease contract is 1 month. You can reserve up to 12 months.

    * For special discount, you have to stay six months or more!

    Visit Nakano Area here:

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    Location Details

    • Nakano Station on the JR Chuo/Sobu Line 5 Minutes Walking Distance
    • Nakano Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line 5 Minutes Walking Distance

    Room Features

    • Wi-Fi
    • A/C
    • Bed
    • Desk
    • Chair
    • Light
    • Window
    • Shelf

    Common Features

    • Wi-Fi
    • Kitchen*1
    • 2 Fridge
    • 2 Microwave
    • Gas table
    • Dining*1
    • Dining table
    • TV
    • Living*1
    • Relax Sofas
    • Projector
    • Shower*2
    • Toilet*2
    • Rooftop
    • Chairs
    • Tables

    Room Availability

    Room Size Rent Deposit Type Utilities Status
    101 7.13 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 Occupied
    102 7.45 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 Occupied
    103 7.45 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 1 July 2022
    201 7.45 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 1 July 2022
    202 7.13 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 1 July 2022
    203 7.13 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 16 June 2022
    204 7.45 m2 ¥57,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 2 October 2022
    205 7.45 m2 ¥61,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 5 August 2022
    206 7.13 m2 ¥61,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 Available Now!
    207 7.13 m2 ¥61,000 ¥20,000 Private ¥12,000 1 August 2022
    208A-F 7.45 m2 ¥38,000 ¥20,000 Shared(2) ¥10,000 1 April 2023
    208B-F 7.45 m2 ¥38,000 ¥20,000 Shared(2) ¥10,000 Available Now!